Template Literals in ES2015

17 November 2017 | ECMA2015

Another great and super useful addition to the JavaScript language are template literals (or template strings). Essentially, they allow you to use expressions inside string literals which have quite a few interesting use-cases. Read more...

Classes in ECMAScript 2015


13 November 2017 | ECMA2015

If you have worked with JavaScript before you may have heard the expression "prototypal inheritance" or that JavaScript is a "prototype" based language. As of ES2015 we can use the class keyword which adds syntactic sugar over the prototypes. Read more...

Declaring variables in ECMAScript 2015

10 November 2017 | ECMA2015

The way you have defined variables in JavaScript for the past decade has always been the same – by using the `var` keyword. In the latest version of JavaScript (ES2015) you can declare variables using let and const. Read more...

Functions in JavaScript


09 November 2017 | ECMA2015

The latest version of JavaScript (ES2015) allows us to write functions in a different way by using the arrow function syntax. This not only allows for terser function declarations but also has additional benefits. Read more...